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Water-Resources Investigation Report 03-4261

Estimating the Magnitude of Bankfull Flows for Streams in Idaho

Jon E. Hortness and Charles Berenbrock

For the past several years, the Boise Adjudication Team of the U.S. Forest Service has been focusing on quantification of water rights necessary to maintain or restore productive fish and wildlife habitat and riparian vegetation. This effort requires estimates of flows at and near bankfull stage. This report documents development of regression equations used for estimating the magnitude of peak flows with recurrence intervals of 1.5 and 2.33 years.

The following errors were corrected on June 16, 2004: Page 6, table 2, description of basin slope, "feet per mile" was changed to "percent"; Page 9, table 3, headnote, basin slope in "feet per mile" was changed to basin slope in "percent"; Page 17, appendix A, headnote, "feet per mile" was removed.

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Suggested Citation

Hortness, J.E. and Berenbrock, C., 2003, Estimating the magnitude of bankfull flows for streams in Idaho: U.S. Geological Survey Water-Resources Investigation Report Report 03-4261, 42 p.