Assessment of Water Quality and Aquatic Biology in the Lower Boise River and Selected Tributaries

Conducted in cooperation with Idaho Department of Environmental Quality


See the methods for this study to learn more about the types and frequency of our data collection efforts.

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Access water-quality data for this study from NWIS Mapper.

Access biological data collected prior to 2011 from Fish On-Line, and data collected since 2011 from BioData.

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Access all water-quality and biological community data from the following links; USGS sites are listed in a general upstream to downstream manner.

Note: it is currently impossible to link to site-specific biological data that has been collected since 2011. Instead, go to the BioData Web site, and search for the "Boise River" project.

Site ID
NWIS Site Description Water-Quality Biology
<2011 ≥2011
13203510 Boise R Blw Diversion Dam NR Boise, ID X    
13203760 Boise River at Eckert Rd NR Boise, ID X X  
13204100 Boise River at Loggers Creek Diversion   X  
13205642 Boise River at Veteran's Memorial Pkwy at Boise, ID X X  
13206000 Boise River at Glenwood Bridge NR Boise, ID X X  
13206210 Boise River South Channel Abv Warm Springs Canal Diversion X X  
13209500 Boise River South Channel at Linder Rd NR Eagle, ID X    
13210050 Boise River NR Middleton, ID X X  
13211000 Boise River at Hwy 20-26 Xing NR Caldwell, ID X X  
13212500 Boise River at Notus, ID X X  
13213000 Boise River NR Parma, ID X    
13213030 Boise River at Mouth NR Parma, ID X X  
13206400 Eagle Drain at Eagle, ID X
132108247 Mill Slough Blw Grade Ditch NR Middleton, ID X
13210835 Willow Creek at Middleton, ID X
13210470 Fivemile Creek at Victory Rd NR Boise, ID X
13210510 Fivemile Creek at Eagle Road NR Boise, ID X
13210795 Fivemile Creek at Franklin Road NR Nampa, ID X X  
13210572 Tenmile Creek at S Cloverdale Rd NR Boise, ID X
13210580 Tenmile Creek at Eagle Rd NR Boise, ID X
13210660 Tenmile Creek at Franklin Road NR Nampa, ID X    
13210815 Fifteenmile Creek at Mouth NR Middleton, ID X
13210890 Mason Creek at E Powerline Rd NR Nampa, ID X
13210965 Mason Creek at Madison Ave NR Nampa, ID X
13210966 Mason Creek at Ustick Rd NR Nampa, ID X
13210976 Mason Creek at Wells Rd NR Caldwell, ID X
13210983 Mason Creek NR Caldwell, ID X
13210850 Mason Slough at Mouth NR Caldwell, ID X
13211259 Indian Creek near Robinson Rd NR Nampa, ID X
13211307 Indian Creek at Broadmore St NR Nampa, ID X
13211355 Indian Creek at Sparrow Ave NR Caldwell, ID X
13211436 Indian Creek at 21st St at Caldwell, ID X
13211441 Indian Creek at Simplot Blvd at Caldwell, ID X
13211445 Indian Creek at Mouth NR Caldwell, ID X
13210986 W Hartley Gulch NR Caldwell, ID X
13210987 E Hartley Drain NR Caldwell, ID X  
13212550 Conway Gulch at Notus, ID X
13212890 Dixie Drain NR Wilder, ID X