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New Streamgages Now Online

In cooperation with the Idaho Department of Water Resources and the Nez Perce Tribe, we have added three new sites to our statewide network of more than 200 real-time streamgages.

USGS 12393501, Priest River Outflow near Coolin, ID

Priest River

The Idaho Water Resource Board approved funding to install a streamgage on the Priest River to monitor outflow from Priest Lake. Data from USGS 12393501 will help water managers balance statutory requirements to maintain specific lake levels during the summer while providing enough flow in the Priest River to maintain fish and aquatic life.

USGS 13337099, Clear Creek at Kooskia National Fish Hatchery

Clear Creek

Clear Creek, a tributary to the Middle Fork Clearwater River, provides critical habitat for endangered spring chinook salmon and threatened steelhead trout. In cooperation with the Nez Perce Tribe, we will monitor streamflow, water temperature, suspended sediment, and turbidity to help the Tribe protect this important resource. USGS 13337099 is located near the Kooskia National Fish Hatchery.

USGS 13137300, Trail Creek near Sun Valley

Trail Creek

In cooperation with the Idaho Department of Water Resources, we continue to collect data necessary for refining our collaborative groundwater-flow model of the Wood River Valley aquifer system. With funding from IDWR, we installed USGS 13137300, Trail Creek near Sun Valley, to monitor inflows from the upper end of the valley.

Meet Our New Deputy Director

Christian Schmidt, Deputy Director, USGS Idaho Water Science Center

Christian Schmidt is our new Deputy Director, taking over from Greg Clark, who retired earlier this year. Christian comes to us from the Montana Department of Environmental Quality where he was the Water Quality Division Administrator. He will lead our team of Boise-based scientists.

Read more about Christian.

Monthly Hydrologic Update

December 2016 Idaho Hydrologic Update

Our monthly Idaho Hydrologic Update enters its second year of keeping you informed about Idaho's water resources. Each month, we summarize significant findings from our hydrologic data networks; announce new studies; and let you know how we support our local, state, Federal, and tribal partners with reliable, unbiased science.

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Current Streamflow Conditions

Today's streamflow conditions. Click to see more real-time data.

Centennial Streamgages

More than two dozen Idaho streamgages offer more than 100 years of water data. Click the Centennial Streamgage badge below to access data from these streamgages.

Idaho's centennial streamgages with more than 100 years of recorded data

Latest Publications

Ambient water quality in aquifers used for drinking-water supplies, Gem County, southwestern Idaho, 2015

Report cover. Click to read report.

The entire population of southwestern Idaho’s Gem County depends on aquifers for its drinking water. The results of our study conducted with Gem County and the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality show that the water in those aquifers is of generally good quality.

Borehole deviation and correction factor data for selected wells in the eastern Snake River Plain aquifer at and near the Idaho National Laboratory, Idaho

Report cover. Click to read report.

Well deviation is one component of water-level data that is often overlooked. If wells are not plumb, the deviation can affect the accuracy of water table elevation. Hydrologist Brian Twining analyzed well deviation survey data (gyroscopic and magnetic) to identify any deviation in 47 wells at the Idaho National Laboratory.