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About Our Center

USGS analyzing debris flow

Assessing post-fire debris-flow

USGS measuring streamflow

Providing high-water and flood data for public safety

USGS hosting education event

Reaching out to the community

USGS conducting aquatic biology assessment

Assessing aquatic communities and habitat

USGS installing rapid-deployment gage

Rapidly responding to flooding

USGS measuring groundwater

Assessing groundwater-quality and groundwater-levels

USGS informing citizens

Supporting citizen science

USGS assessing dye experiment

Characterizing surface water with dye-tracer study

The Idaho Water Science Center is one of 48 nationwide USGS water science centers. Our mission is to provide reliable, impartial scientific information to our local, state, tribal, and federal partners so they can efficiently manage the water resources within their jurisdictions. Our data and research also help protect the citizens of Idaho against floods and other natural disasters. Our science is focused in five basic areas:

  • Surface water resources including rivers, lakes, and reservoirs
  • Groundwater resources, both cold water and geothermal
  • Water quality
  • Water use and availability
  • Aquatic biological resources

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like more information.