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Protecting Water Quality Starts with Science

USGS hydrologist prepares a profiler to sample water quality in Brownlee Reservoir
USGS hydrologist prepares a profiler to sample water quality in Brownlee Reservoir

From the Coeur d'Alene River basin in the panhandle to the Idaho National Laboratory in the southeast, we work with Federal, state, local, tribal, and private sector partners to monitor and study the quality of Idaho's water resources.

We also provide real-time water-quality data from monitoring sites throughout Idaho.

Monthly Hydrologic Update

May 2016 Idaho Hydrologic Update

Our monthly Idaho Hydrologic Update helps you stay informed about Idaho's water resources. Each month, we summarize significant findings from our hydrologic data networks; announce new studies; and let you know how we support our local, state, Federal, and tribal partners with reliable, unbiased science.

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Current Streamflow Conditions

Today's streamflow conditions. Click to see more real-time data.

Centennial Streamgages

More than two dozen Idaho streamgages offer more than 100 years of water data. Click the Centennial Streamgage badge below to access data from these streamgages.

Idaho's centennial streamgages with more than 100 years of recorded data

Latest Publications

Purgeable organic compounds at or near the Idaho Nuclear Technology and Engineering Center, Idaho National Laboratory, Idaho, 2015

Report cover. Click to read report.

Our scientists at the Idaho National Laboratory collected groundwater samples from 31 wells at or near the Idaho Nuclear Technology and Engineering Center (INTEC). The samples were analyzed for purgeable organic compounds (POCs). Results of the analyses will help the U.S. Department of Energy to evaluate whether purge water from wells located downgradient of the INTEC must be treated as a Resource Conservation and Recovery Act listed waste.

Evaluation of background concentrations of selected chemical and radiochemical constituents in water from the eastern Snake River Plain aquifer at and near the Idaho National Laboratory, Idaho

Report cover. Click to read report.

At what concentrations would certain constituents occur in eastern Snake River Plain groundwater if radioactive waste had never been buried or wastewater had never been discharged at the Idaho National Laboratory? In this report, those background concentrations are identified. The U.S. Department of Energy will use the information to determine if former disposal sites are reaching cleanup goals.