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Selenium in the Blackfoot River Watershed, Southeastern Idaho

The upper Blackfoot River of southeastern Idaho receives runoff from 12 large phosphate mines. Waste shales removed during mining are highly enriched in selenium, resulting in high selenium concentrations in runoff from the mine waste dumps. Beginning in 2001, the USGS, in cooperation with the Bureau of Land Management has monitored streamflow and collected water-quality samples from the Blackfoot River just upstream of Blackfoot Reservoir. Read more >

Blackfoot River, southeastern Idaho.
Blackfoot River, southeastern Idaho.

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Coeur d'Alene River Basin Water-Quality Monitoring

South Fork Coeur d'Alene River near Kellogg. Click to go to study Web site.
In cooperation with the Environmental Protection Agency, we monitor water quality in streams in and around the Bunker Hill Superfund site in northern Idaho. Photo by USGS

Current Streamflow Conditions

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Water-Quality Characteristics and Trends for Selected Wells Possibly Influenced by Wastewater Disposal at the Idaho National Laboratory, Idaho, 1981–2012

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In this report, our hydrologists analyze 30 years of water-quality data collected from 99 wells at the Idaho National Laboratory to examine water-quality trends.

Chemical Constituents in Groundwater from Multiple Zones in the Eastern Snake River Plain Aquifer, Idaho National Laboratory, Idaho, 2009–13

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In this report, our scientists analyzed concentrations of selected chemical constituents from 11 monitoring wells at the Idaho National Laboratory. This work is part of our ongoing water-quality monitoring at the INL.