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New Federal Funding Strengthens Idaho Streamgaging Network

Earlier this year, Congress provided $6 million in additional funding for the USGS National Streamflow Information Program.

We are applying Idaho’s share of that new funding, $141,000, to 10 streamgages throughout the state. These 10 streamgages, and the hundreds like them, benefit Idaho communities in a variety of ways. Read more >

Streamgage location on the Salmon River.
Salmon River near Middle Fork Lodge. One of ten USGS gage sites in Idaho to receive federal funding, photo USGS.

New Scientific Study

Estimating Seepage Rates of Streams, Ponds, and Lakes at the Camas National Wildlife Refuge

Deer in wetland at Camas National Wildlife Refuge. Click to go to study Web site.
Learn more about our Camas National Wildlife Refuge seepage assessment.
Deer in wetland at Camas National Wildlife Refuge. Photo by Bill Schiess, used by permission.

Current Streamflow Conditions

Today's streamflow conditions. Click to see more real-time data.

Latest Publications

Stream Seepage and Groundwater Levels, Wood River Valley...2012–13

Report cover. Click to read report.

USGS hydrologist James Bartolino publishes the stream seepage and groundwater level data-collection component necessary to develop a groundwater-flow model for the Wood River Valley aquifer system.

Streamflow Statistics for Development of Water Rights Claims for the Jarbidge Wild and Scenic River

Report cover. Click to read report.

In this report, USGS hydraulic engineer Molly Wood discusses streamflow statistics that were developed to preserve the unique characteristics of the Jarbidge Wild and Scenic River which is part of the Owyhee Canyonlands Wilderness.